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The difference a FreshWater™ Salt System makes to your experience

The difference a FreshWater™ Salt System makes to your experience

Published by Jason Ford on 25th Mar 2019

FreshWater Salt System for Hot Spring spa pools

Hot Spring® Spas are cemented as leaders in exceptional spa innovation, delivering the ultimate spa experience with the most efficient and luxurious features on the market.

Our ACE® Salt Water System has stood at the forefront as the diamond standard in spa water treatment, allowing for smarter cleaning and fewer harsh chemicals through our advanced oxidation system. The ACE Salt Water System allowed spa owners to feel closer to nature with natural chemicals. Yet owners were required to clean the cell every 90 days – a common gripe amongst owners and therefore a key focus of our ongoing R&D.

Through extensive research and development, the ACE Salt Water System has evolved to our latest spa innovation, eliminating this one bothersome step in the cell maintenance process. Dedicated to delivering the ultimate in spa technology, health and efficiency, Hot Spring® Spas have gone one step further with the introduction of our FreshWater Salt System, delivering customers a new and improved spa experience without the hassle of regular cell maintenance.


Hot Spring® Spas FreshWater Salt System is the newest, closer-to-nature salt water system on the market. It provides a unique spa pool experience without the harsh chemicals. It makes our spas the simplest to maintain with an easy-to-use operation system requiring only minimal maintenance.

Sure these things are easy to say, so we have noted the top features of this new spa technology so that you can compare and see the real difference.


1. Simple to operate, user-friendly integrated system


Old-technology bromine salt systems are stand-alone systems, bought off the shelf and able to be retrofitted into any spa make or model. The result is a clunky, complicated system which is difficult and time consuming to operate. The system sits inside the equipment compartment of your spa, making any maintenance work on the cell difficult and requiring a spa technician or knowledgeable spa user to access. Servicing was difficult and tedious, creating additional costs, time and hassle. This system never really caught on or been popular worldwide due to the shortcomings of the system.

The FreshWater Salt System has changed all that, featuring a fully-integrated, user-friendly operation system that is set within the spa control panel. No longer do you have two operating systems. It is now bundled in one simple to use system, simplifying the customer user experience. Settings are easily found on your spa control panel, which means there is no need for regular maintenance costs and technician call outs.

2. Fewer chemicals, safer for your family


The use of bromine in an automated sanitation system is banned in certain countries as well as some states in the USA. Bromine salt systems require up to a staggering five times more chemicals to operate than the new FreshWater Salt System. These chemicals are harsh on the skin, emit a strong odour and lead to users requiring a shower following their spa.

To us, this spa experience was not where we needed it to be. Our goal was a spa experience as close to nature as possible, with lower levels of chemicals, low odour and no need to shower following your spa. Our low levels of chemicals, similar to those in drinking water, mean fewer harmful chemical after-effects such as dry and itchy skin and eyes.

3. Less maintenance – more time to enjoy your spa pool


Bromine salt spas only work when the circulation pump is in operation. Many owners reduce their pump hours in an effort to minimise operating costs and to save on the life of their circulation pump. The result is that their spas are not sanitising for the complete 24 hours as they should – they may be operating for 6 hours at best. This defeats the purpose of the sanitisation system. Bromine salt spas, if run 24 hours a day as they should, would use a massive six times more power than a Hot Spring® Spa FreshWater Salt System. The pure efficiency of the Hot Spring Spa system means 24-hour operation with lower power costs – leading to a healthier spa experience without a hit to the pocket.

The FreshWater Salt System does it all for you. With an integrated system that runs 24 hours a day with your spa. You simply replace the cell from the bar top three times a year. No messy maintenance, no call-outs, just a simple twist and replace.

The beauty of the FreshWater Salt System is that it is custom designed and patented for exclusive Hot Spring spa use. The cells are easily identifiable and simple to replace, eliminating the need for a technician when your cell needs replacing.

4. Cost neutral over the life of your spa


We understand the cost of spa maintenance is an important factor when considering your next spa purchase. That is why the FreshWater Salt System is cost neutral when compared to bottled chemicals and other salt systems on the market.

If you are in the market for a new spa, the FreshWater Salt System is the way to go if you are looking for a more natural spa pool experience with simple operation and less ongoing maintenance. The new FreshWater Salt System is available on all 2019 Highlife® Collection and Limelight® Collection spas. For more information, call in to our showroom at 34 Chapel Street Tauranga, or call. We will be happy to talk to you about the FreshWater Salt System.