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Exclusive Cover LIfters


Hot Spring has Exclusive cover lifters that are easily the best in the industry.


Spa covers and cover lifters can be easy to overlook when shopping for your first home spa, but experienced hot tub owners know that a cover lifter is absolutely essential and that its quality matters—a lot. While it’s possible to save money by choosing an off-brand cover lifter, or one that isn’t designed specifically for your hot tub model, investing in a top-quality system that is designed to integrate with your spa cover will improve aesthetics, functionality, and overall spa ownership experience. Having an easy way to remove and replace your cover will ensure you use your hot tub more often and will increase the lifespan of your cover by keeping it off the ground.  On the most basic level, hot tub cover lifters make covering and uncovering your spa incredibly simple: no heavy lifting, and no lugging your cover from storage to use. Without an easy way to remove your hot tub cover, you may find yourself soaking less often. For that reason, it’s important to get an efficient cover lifter that makes opening and closing your hot tub easy for anyone—even people with limited mobility.


The quality of your hot tub cover lifter makes a big difference in a few other areas, too. A well-designed hot tub is intended to last more than a decade. So, if your cover lifter isn’t rustproof, weather-resistant, and made of durable materials, it will wear out quickly and won’t adequately protect your spa over its lifetime. You’ll want to be sure to choose a cover lifter that’s built with care and designed to the same high standards as your home spa.
With a Hot Spring® cover lifter, the cross bar is integrated (hidden) inside the seam of the cover, so you’ll never have to worry about an unsightly metal bar extending across your spa. Not all cover lifters are designed that way, however. Also, cover lifters aren’t always on display at dealerships, so unless you ask for a lifter that’s integrated with the cover, you could choose the wrong one and be disappointed once you install it on your spa.


Finally, style matters. Your hot tub will be a centrepiece of your backyard, after all. Designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind, your high-quality spa include features, such as dazzling LED lights and elegant waterfalls and fountains, and optional entertainment systems your friends and family will admire. But if your cover lifter isn’t equally as appealing as your hot tub, or doesn’t fit your spa well, it can spoil the impression. Owning an aesthetically pleasing hot tub—and hot tub cover lifter—will reward your eyes every single day.


With four high-quality hot tub cover lifters to choose from, you’ll find the perfect one to protect and complement your home spa.


The second generation of the innovative CoverCradle, the CoverCradle II features a single pneumatic gas spring, which makes it very easy to lift. Like the original CoverCradle, it requires 24” back clearance and 3” side clearance.*


The UpRite cover lifter is ideal for limited clearance applications, such as if your hot tub is on a small patio or deck, or under a gazebo. This system allows the cover to fold up behind the spa bar top, requiring just 7” of back clearance and 3” of side clearance.* Not only does the UpRite fit into tighter spaces, it also creates a convenient sight barrier when open, so you can enjoy privacy as you soak in your home spa.

The UpRite Cover Lifter from Hot Spring provides privacy for the family


Seeing is believing. The following demonstration videos from Hot Spring dealers show just how easy it is to use each of the four cover lifters we offer.



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