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Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

Published by Jason Ford. on 17th May 2019


Is a spa a spa, they all have hot water, bubbles.

Well we found out that there is a big difference between the spa manufactures.

While we were renovating our house, we rented one with a spa. We would come home and relax in the bubbly hot water each night. What a treat.

So we decided to purchase a spa for our newly renovated house. We brought a Hotsprings Spa.

Now is a spa a spa. I can tell you after using the 2 different brands, a spa is not a spa. The Hotsprings spa is so much better in so many ways.

Construction – The Hotsprings Spa has insulation throughout the entire bottom, keeping the water warmer for longer, saving you money in heating.

Controls – The controls are so much easier to use, simple and effective.

Filter – Easy to access and clean.

Shape – We found that the Hotsprings Spa was nicer to sit in, depth of water, seating position.

Now we have sold that house and have brought the rental (with the other type old spa). Back using it and we will be getting a Hotsprings Spa very soon.

The Hotsprings Spa is more efficient on power, relaxing, while the functionality is easy is use, just a better spa in general.


Mark Lord

AMX Design