Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. What is included when I purchase a spa?

A. Spa/Cover/Water Care Kit/10m power cord, and with every spa purchased we will provide delivery and set-up on site included in the price.  This includes putting the spa in it's final position of use.  We provide a single driver with purpose built spa moving equipment.  A second person is sometimes provided locally, though the customer must ensure a second person is able to help on-site.  If this is not possible a second person may be provided at extra cost.  There is very little lifting involved as our equipment removes almost all of the manual labour involved.  Helping to steer our delivery equipment is the role of the second person.  Any hi-ab or crane hire is extra at the customers expense, but can be arranged by Ford Spa Pools.  Hi-ab or crane hire is seldom necessary.

Our delivery driver is a registered Electrician. He can legally and safely connect the spa to your outdoor power socket.  You will need to consult us to find out what rating is required for the plug socket (most of our spas can run off an ordinary 10A household power socket.  You will need to install either an outdoor power socket, or an isolation switch with the correct rating, i.e. 10, 15, or 20A.  Only the Gleam requires a 32A power supply due to its physical size requiring larger horsepower motors. Any Electrical work we undertake will be charged separately following delivery.  If you have a power socket already installed connecting to the power socket and testing is included.  Fill and test is included with demonstration.

Delivery is a key part of a spa purchase, and often overlooked.  We have the right equipment and experience to ensure your spa delivery is carried out as carefully and as easily as possible, without damage to your home or spa. 

Q. Your spas are fully foam insulated, unlike almost all the other spas on the market with only 3 or 4 layer shell insulation. What happens if there is a leak?

A. On the rare occasion we get a leak, it is always fixable on-site by our experienced full time service staff.  The best way to make a quality energy efficient spa is to fully insulate the entire spa cabinet with a very dense insulating material.

Q. Isn't a spa with 3 or 4 layer insulation adequate to keep running costs low?

A. No this is how spas were insulated in the 1980s  (layer 1 :Acrylic Sheet 2mm Layer 2: resin 1mm Layer 3: fibreglass cloth 1mm Layer 4: Expanding polyurethane foam 25mm.  Spas with this insulation are 3 or 4 times the running cost of a spas with very dense full cabinet insulation filling the entire spa cabinet.

Q.  Do you service what you sell?

A.  Yes, we service spas we sell. Our service staff are licensed Electrical Workers.  We are an authorized service agent for HotSpring Spas NZ. 


Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Our family owned business has been in the spa business since the 80's installing in-ground spas, HotSpring Spas since 1990.  


Q. Where are your spas made?

A. HotSpring Spas are designed in NZ and the USA and made in the USA or Mexico and are certified to ISO 9001 quality standards.  They also have CE, and TUV certification which covers Europe and the USA.  Many imported spa brands have none of these quality control certiications.


Q. Are all your spas tested to NZ electrical Standards?

A.  Yes all HotSpring Spa models have been thoroughly tested and meet or exceed the NZ/Australian electrical safety standards and we have certification for each model.  You will not have to worry about the electrical safety of your spa, nor your home insurance policy.  Please beware that very few cheaper imported brands have been tested to any electrical safety standards in NZ as this is not required of importers until point of sale, and is seldom done due to the large associated cost.  Buyer Beware!


Q. Do you charge for shipping parts orders?

A. We do not charge for parts ordered online through our online store if the value exceeds $95


Q. Do you service other spa brands?

A. Although we did for many years, in 2016 we chose not to service other spa brands due to lack of parts for many brands and the quality of components available for many spa brands. Contact the store or internet site you purchased your spa from in the first instance if you have a problem.


Q. Are spare parts readily available?

A. Yes spare parts, covers, jets etc are available for spa models going back to 1991.


Q. Do you have documented 'real use' electrical costs or are these standby energy consumption figures?

A. Yes the Sovereign model has been independently laboratory tested for real world everyday use, this report is readily available. 

Almost every model has standby energy consumption figures listed on the  California energy commission website (CLICK HERE).


Q. What is Ozone?

A. Ozone (o3) is an oxidiser that reduces the amount of sanitiser in spa pools.

Q. Do you have a UV ozone system.

A. No HotSpring spa ozone systems have not used UV bulb based water treatment systems since the mid 90's as they are inferior to CD ozone systems for both longevity and output.


Q. Is the water in you spas fitted with the ACE salt water sanitising system salty?

A. No the level of salt is only 3 x that of tap water.  Barely detectable to bathers if at all. 


Q. Is the salty water detrimental to parts in the spa?

A. As in the above answer, the level of salt is very low.  Components used in the spa utilise titanium, stainless steel, carbon and ceramics to avoid any potential problem. 


Q. Do you move spas?

A. Yes we can move any HotSpring brand spa from one location to another on request.


Q. Do your spas run on a smart meter system?

A. Smart Metering is not in use in NZ and whether this will eventuate in the future is unclear.  Obviously if this becomes an option in the future any electrician can adapt a spa to this type of metering.


Q. Do your spas heat at off-peak times?

A. Yes if they are connected to the un-controlled power meter they will stay at your desired temperature all day.  They are programmed or 'thermally tuned' with a 'thermostat' to heat when the water temperature drops by 0.5 degree C.  

Q. How noisy are your spas?

A. Our spas are either totally silent when heating or filtering or on some models with 2-speed motors you will hear them turn on and off day and night to filter and heat.  Even these models are very quiet as they use a very high quality 2 speed motor capacble of running at a very low rpm.


Q. Who covers service on your spas?

A. We service what we sell, we do not subcontract this work out to third parties.






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