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"Simple Silver" report by consumer NZ has some shocking findings

"Simple Silver" report by consumer NZ has some shocking findings

Published by Jason Ford - Consumer NZ on 20th Aug 2022

Here is what Consumer NZ reported on the SimpleSilver product as recommended by some spa retailers in NZ. Ford HotSpring Spas does not sell this product. Our spas utilise a continuous silver ion purification system in conjunction with C.D. Ozone and a choice of sanitisers which are proven to kill bacteria and viruses in spa pools. Our Freshwater Salt system requires only baking soda and a small amount of salt on spa refill to create just the right amount of chlorine in a gas form which keeps your spa water safe with 1ppm Free Chlorine (which is often the level in town supply; barely detectable). Our Limelight and Highlife models utilise C.D. Ozone which runs 24/7 as does the filtration.  Please note that there is no such thing as a chemical/mineral free spa. Minerals/chemicals are required to kill bather introduced bacteria for user safety.


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