Store Policies

Spa Exchange Satisfaction Guarantee

When you purchase a HotSpring spa from our Tauranga store, for 7 days from the date of delivery, we will upgrade your Hot Spring, Limelight, HotSpot, or FreeFlow Spa for the difference in purchase price between models in the relevant range*

Happy Where It Is Guarantee

When you purchase a HotSpring spa from our Tauranga store, for one full year from the date of delivery, Ford Spa Pools will relocate your Hot Spring, Limelight, HotSpot, or FreeFlow Spa one time to any location on the property where the spa was originally delivered.  This does not mean we will move your spa so you can paint your deck or do building work, it is only if you have a change of heart as to the final location of your spa.

Just Call Us Guarantee

When you purchase a HotSpring spa from our Tauranga store (not another Hot Spring Spa dealership), for the full warranty period, Ford Spa Pools (not a third party) will perform all warranty work on your spa. While performing warranty work you will not be charged any trip charges or mileage fees. 

Best Price Guarantee

Ford Spa Pools guarantees that you cannot purchase a Hot Spring, Limelight, HotSpot, or FreeFlow Spa from from any other HotSpring Spa Dealership for less than what you paid. If you can provide written proof of a lower offer in the month you purchased it we will refund the difference. **

Energy Guarantee

Our Energy Smart Spas have been rigorously tested by the USA’s leading independent scientific and engineering firms to give you confidence in owning the most efficient spa available. Ask for details.

Referral Rebate Guarantee
When you recommend someone who purchases a spa from Ford Spa Pools you will receive a $200 store credit. Please make sure to tell the person that you referred them on purchase.

* Plus a delivery & pick-up fee. Does not include costs of electrical, lifting, decking, crane, hi-ab, or other installation costs. Any damage incurred during the 7 days may be reflected in the changeover fee.

** Does not apply to demo models.

The above does not apply to HotSpring Spas purchased outside our dealer area or from Hamilton or Auckland shops or pop-up roadside stores.



We will do the best we can to deliver your spa in a timely manner.  We cannot always predict arrival times of stock currently due to the issues created by Covid19.  Unforeseen manufacturing delays in California and General shipping delays can have a huge impact on stock arrival. HotSpring Spas NZ keeps a good stock of spas on hand and we have increased our stockholding to help with these issues.  

Repairs and Maintenance

We are HotSpring Spas BOP service agent. We are qualified Electrical Workers. We will get to your job as quickly as we can.  We cannot allocate time slots as the length of time jobs may take is variable. When we have a time slot free for your job we will call to confirm suitability with you. No one will arrive at your address unexpectedly.  We carry most spare parts on board so often a single trip is only required.  Pump repairs are sometimes required to be done in our workshop so a second call out charge may be required.

If you purchased your spa from another HotSpring Spa Dealer we will not have any details of warranty or date of purchase, you will need to provide your original receipt for us to perform any warranty work on your spa. Note that customers who purchased there spa from our store will get preferential treatment, as part of your purchase price covers any warranty costs that HotSpring Spas NZ do not reimburse our business for (travel, mileage, labour).  


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