Spa Pool Fencing NZ

Spa Pool fencing in NZ as at January 2017
New legislation came into effect for swimming pools and spas in NZ in January 2017.

The changes relevant to spas are highlighted below in blue, the full act can be found here:

ClauseF9—Means of restricting access to residential pools

Provisions Limits on application



The objective of this provision is to prevent injury or death to young children involving residential pools.


Functional requirement


Residential pools with a maximum depth of water of 400 mm or more that are filled or partly filled with water must have means of restricting access that prevents unsupervised access by a child under 5 years of age.




Residential pools must have or be provided with physical barriers that restrict access to the pool or the immediate pool area by unsupervised young children (ie, under 5 years of age).


In the case of a small heated pool, the means of restricting access referred to in Performance F9.3.1 need only restrict access to the pool when the pool is not in use.


Barriers must either—

(a) surround the pool (and may enclose the whole or part of the immediate pool area); or
(b) in the case of a small heated pool, cover the poolitself.

Performance F9.3.2(b) applies only to those small heated poolswhere the top surface of every wall of the pool is at all points not less than 760 mm above the adjacent floor or ground and the walls of the pool inhibit climbing.


A barrier surrounding a pool must have no permanent objects or projections on the outside that could assist children in negotiating the barrier.


Any gates must—

(a) open away from the pool; and
(b) not be able to be readily opened by children; and
(c) automatically return to the closed position after use.

Where a building forms all or part of an immediate pool area barrier,—

(a) doors between the building and the immediate pool area must not be able to be readily opened by children, and must either—
(i) emit an audible warning when the door is open; or
(ii) close automatically after use:
(b) windows opening from a building into the immediate pool area must be constructed or positioned to restrict the passage of children.

Where a cover is provided as a barrier to a small heated pool, it must—

(a) restrict the entry of children when closed; and
(b) be able to withstand a reasonably foreseeable load; and
(c) be able to be readily returned to the closed position; and
(d) have signage indicating its child safety features.

Schedule 1 clause F9inserted, on 1 January 2017, by section 20 of the Building (Pools) Amendment Act 2016 (2016 No 71).


Imported spa pools should be checked to see if the relevant model has been inspected to meet NZ Spa cover safety standards and has the relevant printed warning label.  

Note: Check to see if the actual spa pool has been tested and meets the relevant NZ Electrical safety standards, as very few imported spa pools meet or have been tested to NZ electrical standards. 


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