Spa Buyer Guide

What is required to install a HotSpring Spa?

All you need is an outdoor power socket or switch with the correct Amp rating (usually 10,15 or 20amp) and a level surface (timber deck, Patio, concrete, tiled floor etc) that can withstand the weight of a filled spa with people in it. See our specifications for these details here [Specifications

Question: How do I decide on which HotSpring model?

The best place to start is to measure your total available area for your spa, take a photo (or video) of the area and access to it (down the side of your house for example) and bring this information into our showroom in Chapel Street.  Or call Jason Ford on 021675900 to arrange a site inspection.


a) Seating.  Where will you be looking when you are in the spa? i.e. which way do the seats in each model face?

b) Location.  Easy access from the house? Private? Away from prevailing (west) winds or cold (S,SE) winds.  If possible a nice garden setting, water view?

c) Where will the cover be when you are in the spa?  Covers are heavy and awkward and especially so in winter.  Definitely consider a CoverCradle or UpRite cover lifter for your spa which makes cover removal easy. Watch the video below:

d) Access to power supply.  Hiding the cable where possible is the best option.  We can advise the best practice for this.  Installation of the power by a licensed Electrician is essential.  Delivery and installation by experienced installers is highly recommended.

Spa Pool fencing in NZ as at January 2017
New legislation came into effect for swimming pools and spas in NZ in January 2017.

The changes relevant to spas are highlighted below in blue, the full act can be found here:

In summary a HotSpring spa that is 760mm high to the top of the spa shell does not need fencing as our covers are approved. You cannot put steps up to the spa permanently or any object (decks etc) that change the height of 760mm. E.g. recessing the spa into a deck that changes the freestanding height from 760mm would require the spa to be fenced with a swimming pool fence. There is a specific label required for spa covers that must be attached to the spa cover, locks are also required. All come with an approved Hot Spring Spa Cover.


Imported spa pools should be checked to see if the relevant model has been inspected to meet NZ Spa cover safety standards and has the relevant printed warning label.  

Note: Check to see if the actual spa pool has been tested and meets the relevant NZ Electrical safety standards, as very few imported spa pools have been tested to NZ electrical standards. You risk voiding your home insurance policy. Buyer beware!

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