Site Selection and Preparation

A Portable Spa is totally self-contained and easily moved from house to house. 

You will probably have a site picked out for your new spa, whether it's outdoors or indoors, on a patio or deck, the following points need to be considered. 

Always put your spa on a structurally sound, level surface. A filled spa can weigh a great deal. Make sure that the location you select can support the weight. 

Most spa owners prefer a level site. However, a spa may be installed on a sloping site. A patio which has a slight 'fall' to allow rain water to run off is fine. The water line naturally, will not meet the tile line with this type of installation. It is however, very important to have a flat site with no humps, no hollows and no twist. A spa filled with water and bathers weighs over 1 tonne and the larger spas over 2 tonne. If a spa is installed on a site that is not flat, the spa may slowly distort, which could cause damage to the spa. 

The equipment compartment houses all the electrical components. Position it in a place from which water will drain easily. Allowing water into the equipment compartment can cause damage to the electronics or may result in tripping the circuit breaker on your power cord. 

Check that there is enough room for the door of the equipment compartment to be opened and that there is space to kneel in front of this compartment when you are attaching your garden hose to the built in drain connection for emptying the spa. 

The site must have easy access to the Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (E.L.C.B.), which is located at the end of the power cord and needs to be manually reset it the power has been turned off. 

Allow for space for the cover to go while you are enjoying soaking in your spa. Five of the HotSpring Spa Models have the option of a Cover Cradle, a cover lifting device, which tips the cover over the back or side (depending on the model) which makes life easier for you, and saves you having to remove the cover physically. Allow for extra room the cover cradle takes up when it is tipping the spa cover. Ask your Wright Spa Pools Representative for further information on the cover cradle. 

If your new spa is adjacent to lawns, sand or gravel areas, you will increase the amount of debris or grit, which is inadvertently brought into the spa water from bathers feet. Wright Spa Pools can provide a 'Spa Vac' that sucks up sand, dirt and grit if you have this problem. 

Consider delivery of the spa and ease of access as well (see delivery). 


Standard installation is included in the price of the spa. 

What we regard as standard installation is: The customer having the flat, firm base for the spa already prepared before we arrive. See information below regarding the preferred bases etc. 

The customer having the correct waterproof 3-pin plug ready for us to plug the spa into. (If you do not have an electrician you use, we are able to install this as our delivery driver is a experienced Electrician.  We will need advance warring of this requirement). (See more about electrics below.) 

We provide one person for a standard installation. If the customer provides any assistance needed to get the spa from our truck to the site, then that is included in the price. If we need to supply more than one person to get the spa from the truck to the site, then that becomes an extra cost. 


Regarding permits and fencing regulations 

Fencing information is here


When you receive your new portable spa pool, you will have a valuable item on your property, don't forget to telephone your insurance company! 

Back Flow Preventors 

Due to recent law changes, Councils now require Back Flow Preventors to be installed with all new spa pools. If the spa is to be filled or topped up with a garden tap, you need a Back Flow Preventor which simply screws onto the tap just like any other hose fitting, then the bolt is tightened on the side until the bolt head shears off and installation is complete. Back Flow Preventors are available from most large plumbing supply stores.

Ground Preparation (If Required) 

Your Portable Spa has been engineered to perform on all kinds of common surfaces. A reinforced concrete pad at least 75mm thick is best for long term use, however other foundations are acceptable as long as they are level and will support the spa. It is your responsibility to provide a suitable level foundation for your spa. Unless special arrangements have been made prior to delivery, our delivery staff do not prepare your site. 

Various Foundations for Spas:- 

For the home handy person, Dry Mix is an easy substitute for concrete. It is easy to prepare, levels undulating ground, and it can be easily broken up if the spa is transferred to a different location. You would need about 3-5 bags of commercial mix like "Dricon" or a mixture of sand and cement ( 10-1 ratio). Prepare the site by removing the grass with a spade. Spread the dry mix over the site and level it with a screed broad and spirit level. It needs to be at least 25mm thick. Sprinkle the mixture with a fine spray from a hose and allow the mixture to harden. 

A word of warning: Do not put your new spa on any soft surfaces like grass, sand or dirt. Any surface that has a tendency to settle unevenly will put pressure and tension on the spa pool. This could eventually lead to distortion of the spa and would not be covered by the warranty. The site must be solid and firm! 

Deck Installation 

To be certain that your deck can support your spa, you must know the deck's maximum load capacity. Consult a qualified building contractor or structural engineer before you place the spa on an elevated deck or indoors. 

Indoor Installation 

Be aware of some special requirements if you place your spa indoors. If water spills onto the floor around the spa, it can cause poor footing. Suitable flooring materials should give your feet good grip when wet and good drainage is essential. The area's humidity will naturally be higher with the spa installed so check for airborne moisture's effect on exposed wood, paper etc in the room. To minimise these effects and to make your room more comfortable it is best to provide plenty of ventilation to the spa area. An architect can help to determine if more ventilation must be installed. Additionally, when building a new room for the spa, install a floor drain to allow easy clean-up of water and disposal of water when draining the spa. 

HotSpot models are equipped with a jet pump shroud to remove excessive heat from the equipment compartment. This vent must not be blocked by anything, including carpet. 


What to expect on delivery day 

We bring the spa out to your home, move it into place (we have different trolleys designed to move the spas over grass, tarseal, shingle, and up and down stairs etc) unwrap the spa and the cover. Position the spa exactly where you would like, then we fill the spa up, and once the spa is full and running, we show you how to operate the spa, and explain how the chemicals work. Your new spa is now fully operational. Our Customer Service Representatives are available 7 days a week, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your new spa. ( See more detailed information on Delivery below). 

Delivery (Points to consider) 

As part of our service we deliver your Portable Spa to your property. Unless special arrangements have been made, we would ask that you be present to take delivery of your new spa. 

Your spa is normally transported on a lightweight utility vehicle. The installer will get as close as is convenient to your spa site, and unload the spa at that point. The installer has a spa trolley designed for moving your spa across flat and level surfaces such as grass, concrete etc, and if that is possible you will be able to have your spa placed on your exact site. 

Please check the route that you take to get the spa from our delivery vehicle to your proposed site. We suggest you walk the exact route and check through the following points. 

Width: Is the access path at any point too narrow for the spa on the trolley? 

Check all gates, protruding meter boxes, bay windows etc. 

You may have to tie or cut back shrubs, move dog kennels, flower boxes, tubs etc. 

Height: Is the access path at any point too low for the spa to pass under? 

Check overhanging branches, down pipes, low roof eaves, overhead wires etc. 

Length: Will the spa be obstructed by a 90-degree turn? 

Check how much room you have on any turn. Your spa will not bend. 

If after checking the above points, you feel there may be difficulty in using the spa trolley all the way from the vehicle to the site, then you may consider your site to be a difficult site. You will need to organise extra people to help lift your spa into place. We can arrange other people for you, however that is an added cost. Normally most of our customers gather a few friends, and with the installers assistance, the spa is put into place and unwrapped, ready for filling in no time at all. 

Please feel free to discuss delivery and access with us, we are experts in this field. We also offer a free, no obligation home site visit, so we can offer suggestions on choice of site, and discuss with you the level of difficulty in getting your new spa installed. 


The HotSpring Sovereign, Prodigy, Jetsetter, the Tiger River Sumatran and the HotSpot Square and Round spas will operate from a standard household wall power outlet (230V 10 amp) 3 pin plug. This must be a dedicated circuit (this means that only the spa operates from that outlet). Because of its size, the HotSpring-Grandee requires a 15 amp dedicated 3 pin plug outlet. This can be recognised from the wide earth pin. Any convenient dedicated power outlet less than 10 metres from your spa site may be utilised. It is recommended your Electrician contact us before altering or adding power points. 


See diagram below for electrical exclusion zone. NO Outlets, SWITCHES, LAMP HOLDERS ETC are to be in the exclusion zone unless an electrician has confirmed that they meet code requirements. 


If you require a power outlet to be installed, all electrical work should be done by an EXPERIENCED, LICENSED ELECTRICIAN, IN ACCORDANCE WITH ALL APPLICABLE ELECTRICAL CODES. Power outlets are to be the "front plug-in" type in order to accept the E.L.C.B. plug from your new spa. 

Your electrician should NOT remove the E.L.C.B. supplied with your new spa, OR make any electrical connections within the equipment compartment of the spa. Never run the spa on an extension cord.

We recommend you test the E.L.C.B. regularly during the course of each year. 

WATER DAMAGE to the E.L.C.B. will occur if it is exposed to rainwater, puddles, garden hoses etc. This is not covered by warranty. 

Installation of new power outlets 

Power outlets must be the Front Plug In type to accept the ELCB plug from the spa. 

Locate the power outlet where it is protected from the weather and outside such as using garden hoses. It may be necessary to protect the power outlet and ELCB with a waterproof cover. Waterproof power outlets are sometimes required. If there is no convenient outlet available and one can't be installed out of the weather then a waterproof type outlet will have to be installed. Unfortunately these types of outlets do not accept the ELCB type plug supplied with the spa. The ELCB will therefore have to be removed. The electrician must then install ELCB protection for that power outlet onto the household switchboard or the power socket as the spa is unsafe without an ELCB. 

REMOVAL OF THE ELCB MAKES THE SPA UNSAFE. If it is required to fit a weatherproof power outlet (with an ELCB fitted to the switchboard) remember that the spa is only safe in that ELCB protected power outlet. Selling a spa or a house with a spa obligates the owner to inform the new owner that the safety device has been removed and what the dangers are. 

An electrician must not make any electrical connections inside the spa equipment compartment.

The Stride offers seating for three with a lower step-over height for easy access. A comfortable lounge and adjustable jets leave you recharged and ready for the next challenge.